10on10feb 6

10 on 10| February

Oh goodness, this project. I’ll be honest for a second… I’m not loving it. I was so excited about continuing to capture our family in a project that chronicles our day. And I love looking back to see what a typical day might have been. We have so many changes and exciting things happening for us this year and yet on the day that I shoot I find myself uninspired. Bored with our day-to-day,  struggling to see the beauty and trying to write the story rather than let it unfold before me. Photographers are ALWAYS talking about telling a story with their images. Ultimately we all are story tellers. We just have different perspectives and unique ways of telling the story. I’ll be honest I have  never been a good story teller. Never been a good writer. I suppose that is why I want the images to speak for themselves. But without a good story, or meaning…. it’s just a pretty picture. I want it to be more that just a pretty picture. So here is the boring, the daily, the typical. Me, Keelin and Kimo at home. Her constantly in my bubble or Kimo’s, toys scattered about the house, and when Josh is away a FaceTime chat to end the day. Its not glamorous. Its not necessarily pretty. Its not perfect, but its ours and it is cherished.

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