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10 on 10 | January 2017

Guys, I am so excited about this 2017 personal project. Let me tell you though, on January 10th I was not. After spending all of 2016 mastering film and taking on a Day in the Life project I was slightly burnt out on documenting our lives. That’s a lie, I was a little burnt out on all things. With a rough first trimester of a new pregnancy winding down I was having a hard time getting my feet under me again. The beauty of the project will be continuing to document our growing family and the crazy scary changes in store for us this year. The challenging part, is telling our story in 10 images. So, on the 10th day of each month I will be capturing our day. Ideally an image per hour for 10 hours to creatively tell our story. I will strive to continue this as an all film project. My goal for film this year is to become comfortable shooting color film indoors.  Last year I successfully pushed B&W film indoors but I want color! I have pushed color with lots of success, but unless I have lots of natural light (which our current house does not have) it can be nerve wracking. So, If that means learning and embracing artificial light or creatively using the limited light I have, I am up for the challenge. Hopefully this project will push me to that end.

I will not lie to you…. I failed on January 10th. My camera was loaded and I barely snapped 10 images. To fill in for the 10 I am using images from days that surrounded the 10th. This is what our January mostly looked like.

10on10jan-1 10on10jan-2 10on10jan-3 10on10jan-4 10on10jan-5 10on10jan-6 10on10jan-7 10on10jan-8 10on10jan-9 10on10jan-10

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  1. LOVE THIS! This is a great idea to start for the first year of baby’s life!!! Wish I would’ve done this with jack.. I mean, I’m sure I have lots of photos but would be cool to document a “day in the life” each month since so much changes from month to month!

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