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2016 Day in the Life | February

Capturing February’s day in the life was not ideal…. well not ideal for what I had envisioned. I guess that is sorta the point of day in the life.  I decided to capture the Monday before the 24th because Josh would be gone on the 24th and Auntie Alex was visiting. Ideally, Josh had work off which meant a full day of family and a fun. Trip the the North  Shore. Some time at the beach, a shrimp truck, a shave ice, and a marg at dinner. When the day ended I was disappointed. Not because the day wasn’t amazing, cause it totally was. I just didn’t go the way I wanted. We got a late start, meaning to get a glimpse a any regular morning for us. The beaches on the North Shore were closed due to a large swell (they actually closed Kam Highway. I’m not sure how we managed to make it through).  This meant no time spent at the beach. We spent extra time walking Haleiwa (which we rarely do). It all added up to Keelin spending a lot of time in the carseat and carrier. Well, that and stopping to feed every couple of hours.  The Day in the Life is not about creating the perfect day. Or showing the ideal day. Day in the Life is about what our lives look like. This would be it. This would be true.  Keelin does spend a lot of time in the car seat and carrier. We do have to stop every few hours to nurse. Thats why I am so glad I passed my camera off to my husband this time around to really show our day. Yes I nursed in the car in front of a shrimp truck. Yes I nursed on a bench at the beach. Yes, I nursed in the middle of Haleiwa. After all that is the life of a newborn. This is our day in the life for a two month old.

*As far as my growth with film photography…. I need work on my indoor film work! UGH! I’m hoping next months will show some improvement.

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