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2016 Day in the Life | July

July 24th was our two year anniversary. A year ago on that day, we found out we were having a baby girl. This time when the 24th rolled around, Keelin turned 7 months old….  SEVEN MONTHS?! How is that possible?! She is crawling, talking(dadada yayayaya), pulling up to a stand…..

I decided to shoot Day in the Life for July on the 23rd. Because of our anniversary and other obligations it made more sense to shoot on the 23rd. That morning I had a family session booked, followed by a boat reserved for a mommy/daughter session that Annie Groves was going to shoot. Tropical Storm Darby paid Hawaii nei a visit and folded our plans for the day. We met for the shoot in time to get rained on and postpone.  Annie and I took off looking for a dry sunrise. The boats were canceled for the day, so we hung out at home while it rained all day. When cabin fever hit us in the evening we took off for Mililani to track down the new Five Guys (which had a line out the door). Worth the drive, and the wait.

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