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2016 Day in the Life | March

This day in the life project is stretching me and frustrating me over and over. I have been avoiding March’s Day in the Life post because, well, I blew it. On a high of learning new things and stressing about the amount of money I was spending on film, I decided to try something new.  Black and white film for the morning and evening, because I want to learn to love black and white. Then shooting 35mm during the day (since its cheaper). BAD CHOICE… for both.  Of the two black and white rolls I sent one turned out to be blank while the other only had 5 images on it….. I still, to this day, have no idea what went wrong.  This meant my morning and evening shooting was lost, including the one and only photo I took of my mother-in-law (Rosemary) with her first grandchild. #fail. The 35mm images  turned out ok-ish, but the day, again, turned out to be a bust. We took off early that morning to find sunshine and lagoons on the west side only to be greeted by a down pour. That led to a Starbucks with a drive-through and a trip to the post office to send off the film from a quick trip to Molokai the day before. (Wanna see some scans worth looking at? Go check out the Molokai post!) With all that said… here is March. Keeling is 3 months old and I hope I do a better job capturing our lives in April.

MarchDITL-1 MarchDITL-2 MarchDITL-4 MarchDITL-5 MarchDITL-7 MarchDITL-8

Again, go check out Molokai. Technically it was the 24th so that should have been our “Day in the Life”

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