Knofczynski Ohana

This little family of four was so fun to capture. We had been talking and dreaming up with shoot for a while and I was beyond excited when I rolled up to our location and they came strolling up with a stand up paddle board. You know it was a great shoot when you walk away wishing it was your family.

Knofczynski-1 Knofczynski-3 Knofczynski-8 Knofczynski-15 Knofczynski-16 Knofczynski-18 Knofczynski-21 Knofczynski-23 Knofczynski-28 Knofczynski-29 Knofczynski-32 Knofczynski-38 Knofczynski-40 Knofczynski-41

Knofczynski Ohana
Knofczynski Ohana

Knofczynski-49 Knofczynski-50 Knofczynski-54 Knofczynski-57 Knofczynski-64 Knofczynski-65 Knofczynski-67 Knofczynski-71 Knofczynski-74 Knofczynski-75

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