2016 Day in the Life | April

Oh shoot! How is it already time for me to be shooting another one of these and I haven’t even posted April! Ok so here is April! Keelin is 4 months old! This month she really started to play with her toes and splash around in the bath tub.  April 24th was a pretty typical Sunday for us. Started with a bath, off to church, grabbed some Huli Huli Chicken, then volleyball on the sand courts near the beach, and then met some visitors for dinner. Because I spent most of the afternoon playing volleyball, I sorta forgot to capture what was going on… oops!  Also, tomorrow is May 24th… which means… the camera is coming with me ALL day!  Loving this project and journey and watching Keelin grow. Enjoy!

ditlapril-2 ditlapril-3 ditlapril-5 ditlapril-7 ditlapril-8 ditlapril-9 ditlapril-10 ditlapril-11 ditlapril-16 ditlapril-17 ditlapril-22 ditlapril-23

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