2016 Day in the Life | August

Oh man, Keelin is as such a fun age! August marked Keelin’s 8 month Birthday. I ended up shooting on a Saturday that truly represents our lives and some of our favorite things to do as a family. This Saturday started as many of my Saturdays do, with a sunrise photo adventure with my girl Annie Groves. This time we decided to hit up Waikiki, since we rarely head over there. Long story short…. I made a major mistake and ruined an entire roll of film shot that morning…. oh well.

After returning home we had a leisurely morning. Breakfast, a nap for Keelin, then got dressed and ready to head to the pool. We were joined by Josh’s mom  ( Rosemary) and her gal pals as well as the Groves family. We love spending the day at the Hale Koa pool sipping Mai Tais and chowin down on popcorn shrimp. Keelin loves playing in the water and I had recently purchased a Nikonos V to shoot underwater and some lomo slide film to try cross processing for the first time. We finished the evening with some Mongolian BBQ and a beautiful sunset.

augditl-1 augditl-2 augditl-4 augditl-5 augditl-11 augditl-12 augditl-13 augditl-16 augditl-20 augditl-24 augditl-26 augditl-28 augditl-30 augditl-32

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