2016 Day in the Life| October

Welp, its officially December and I have yet to blog for October or November. Holy busy fall. Not that it is an excuse. In October, Keelin turned 10 months. I photographed our day in the life on the Saturday after the 24th because I spent the 24th assisting at a  wedding. That Saturday, I was determined to make it seem like fall had finally hit. Because the weather barely changes in Hawaii Nei it is sometimes hard for this Montana girl to get in the Halloween spirit. The holidays always sneak up on me. We set out on a mission to find seasonal coffee drinks, a pumpkin patch, and maybe a costume for Keelin. We weren’t planning to dress her up but I think think it worked out.

october-1 october-2 october-3 october-4 october-5 october-6 october-7 october-8 october-9 october-10 october-11 october-12 october-13 october-14

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What me to capture your everyday? Contact me here.

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