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Best Photography Resources

I have talked about investing in education before and I am positive I will do it again… and again… and again. Sure there is a lot of free information out there… BUT there is also a lot of garbage out there. One of the biggest things I wish I would have done sooner in my photography journey was… you guessed it, investing in my education. That’s why I want to give you a jump start and point you to what I think are the best photography resources for ANY photographer.


I’ll start with the big one…. cause lets be honest, this one has had THE biggest impact on my photography. This is more than just a bunch of PDFs full of Film Shooting goodness. It’s more than a bunch of videos on how to meter and real time family sessions. Its more than just cheat sheets for just about every film stock with examples and equipment comparison. Its more than just learning film. It is all of that AND sooooooooo much more. Jonathan Canlas’s FIND in a BOX is pages of ah-ha moments and finally understanding what the crap metering for the shadows and pushing film even means and WHEN to freaking use it.

Not only do you get access to 400+ pages over 8 PDF lessons covering Film 101-401,  BUT you also get membership to a private Facebook group for Q&A and critiques…. guys… the Facebook group. Its worth the money itself. By far my favorite place to hang out online. It is an insane mix of incredibly talented, humble, collaborative, and encouraging photographers. From crazy amazing wedding photographers to family photographers, to the hobbyists and EVERYONE in between. AND the best part?! NO EGOS! Got questions? You can ask em’! Proud of your most recent scans? Freakin’ Post em’ cause we want to celebrate with you! Something comeback funky and you wanna fix your mistake? Post that too cause we can ALL learn from it!

Ok Ok… this is getting long. Just go freaking buy FIND in a BOX already cause its amazing! And I’ll see you in the group!

Oh I almost forgot! Use the code FIND when you check out for a little discount.


Oh man… where do I even start with this one? I devoured this one within a day and have since re-digested it multiple times. The BIZ Guide by Jonathan Canlas is for EVERYONE. Film shooter? Absolutely. Digital shooter? For sure! Don’t make the mistake of underpricing yourself.  Undervalued and overworked is NOT where you want your business to start…. or end. I don’t care where you are in your journey this guide will have you confidently charging your ideal prices AND make sales without feeling salesy. BEST of all, Jon gives you his email templates AND walks you through setting up your Instaproofs to be the most profitable. Don’t use Instaproofs? Thats OKAY! You can apply what you learned to whatever proofing site you are using OR make the switch to Instaproofs (I did, and it was absolutely worth it). Ok, now go buy The BIZ Guide and be shocked when you get your first “Pajama Profits” (insert winky face)

OH! Also… again, here is a discount code for ya! Use BIZ at checkout!

FIND: Ohana Means Family

If you don’t know Jonathan Canlas for his family photography… you don’t now Jack! Seriously this guys is a family photography genius and he put all of his tips and tricks into one place! The Ohana Guide will help with dealing with crazy kids, grumpy dads, horrible weather, ugly locations. He can get you through the hard stuff and set you up for success every time. You end up with a game plan that works like a charm but allows for your creativity to shine through. He not only walks you through how to have a kick ass family session but then teaches you how to create raving fans, returning clients, and word of mouth referrals. If you are looking to start capturing families or already have been, The Ohana Guide is a great resource. Heck even if you happen to be the “photographer” of your own family, this is a great way for you to be confident in capturing all your peeps. Ok… Run off now and get that guide…. cause I’m telling you… It’s a good one!

Need a discount? I gotchoo boo… Use OHANA at checkout for some money off, yo.

So why did I just ramble to you about these three guides? Will I get some money back when you purchase. Yeah I sure will. There are affiliate links in this post. Here is the thing though, I would have raved about these guides anyway. I wasn’t joking when I said I wish I would have bought them sooner. I wasn’t lying when I said they have absolutely impacted my business. They have, more than I could put into words. So, if I can help YOU and YOUR business by sharing them, I am ALL about it. A little money back is just icing on the cake.

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