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I see you. You beautiful entrepreneur, you.  You have a business that is like your baby. You have poured your heart and soul and sweat and tears into this business.  You are proud of your product or service and you know you can better the world with what you have to offer. It’s true, the world needs what you have! You hustle. You market. BUT are YOU showing up for your customers and clients? They want to see YOU! They want to know YOU! Build that “know, like, and trust” factor by showing up in your marketing and on your website.

A brand is far more than just the product or service that you offer! People want to know and see the person behind the product. That is where WE can work together.

A Branding Session is for you if…

  • You are a small business owner of any kind. Artist, photographer, blogger, influencer… the options are endless
  • You market via social media platforms (IG, Facebook etc)
  • You have a website or print products for marketing
  • You want to up level your “know, like and trust” factor
So how does this work?

We (as in you and I) will work together to determine the things that you want to express as your brand. Who you are, what you stand for, how you work, etc. We will determine what you want to show about yourself and your brand in the form of headshots, behind-the-scenes, creative stock images, lifestyle photography, and product photos if necessary.

Once the session is over you will receive a link to a gallery full of beautiful images that we created together that you will have access to download and use for marketing purposes.

We can even chat about how you can use the images moving forward to get the most/best use out of them.

Ready to up level your business?