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3 BIG Reasons to Choose Premium Scans

Why choose premium scans? What the heck does that even mean? The deeper I get into shooting film the more I realize there is all kinds of lingo that makes zero sense to the outsider. It was all a foreign language to me for a long time too. For those of you who know, I know you know what I mean by Premium Scans. For those of you who don’t have a clue what I am saying check out this post by The FIND Lab about their Color Services to get a better understanding.

The jist of it is that after my film is developed, it is then scanned and sent back to me. I have three choices: Basic, Basic +, and Premium. You can see from the title of this post that I choose premium. The penny pinchers out there might cringe when they see that the premium option is the most expensive choice. My friend, I don’t shoot film to save money. I shoot film to save TIME!

Premium Scans Mean…

Less time at my computer

For real. I hate editing. I do. It has always been the most frustrating part of photography for me. I always knew what I wanted and what I liked but I could NEVER get my colors the way that I wanted them. Now I get back exactly what I want and I am freed up from spending hours messing and fussing and ultimately pulling my hair out. The only actions I use once I get my scans back are crop, straighten…. delete. Thats it. No joke. Less time at my computer means more time with my family. I’ll call that a win any day.

My voice (in terms of color) is clear and consistent

I had a fear when starting film that my images would look like every other film photographer. That simply is not true. There is a lot that can be done in the scanner and in post to manipulate colors, contrast etc. The same image can be edited a number of different ways. When getting premium scans you will have one editor working with you to lock in your color profile and ensure that you receive scans that reflect your preferences and ultimately your voice EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Basic scans make me sad

Let me rephrase that. MY basic scans make me sad. I have gotten basic scans before and I hated them. When I looked at the images all I could see what that they weren’t what I wanted. I know… They just needed some tweaking. But that is where I get hung up. I look at that basic scan and I tear it apart, I tear myself apart and walk away hating by photos. So Its simple I get Premiums. Cause you know what doesn’t make me sad? Getting premiums. I download my premiums and you better believe there is a happy dance in my office! I don’t need that emotional rollercoaster. So premium it is.

I could go on and on about premium and why its right for me. If you are a photographer weigh your options and choose what is best for you. There is no right or wrong way to approach this. Just different. So people prefer having ultimate control others prefer to “outsource” this part of their business. Both are great, just find what works for you.

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