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Degennaro Family

Monument Colorado Family Film Photographer

This family right here was one of the biggest reasons we were so excited to move to Monument. Michelle, my oldest girl cousin, and her family have been living in Colorado off and on for quite a while. When we decided to settle in Colorado she took us neighborhood shopping and we quickly decided Monument would be the best fit. Bonus: They live like 5 mins away from us. Michelle and Marco were the first set of eyes and feet to walk the house we decided to buy site unseen. They even took our crazy Aussie Kimo in while we were in transit and allowed us to crash their basement while we waited for our house to be ready and our household goods to arrive. We are so blessed to live so close to them….. even if we don’t see each other as often as we would like.

See those three beautiful kids of theirs? Not only are they the cutest and the sweetest but they are also…. THE BUSIEST! That my friends is the stage of life they are in and it is a beautiful one. Their life is a constant shuffling of kids from school to soccer to baseball…. to who knows what else. I’m not sure when they catch their breath or get rest but I sure love watching them live this life of hustle. I know our girls will be there someday too, and I know it will pass by all too quick. But what an exciting and fun stage.

All that to say, I was so excited to spend an evening with these guys capturing their life in this chapter. We met at Dirty Woman Park in Monument Colorado where the leaves had turned a gorgeous yellow color and the golden light was unreal. We played, we laughed, they wrestled and we laughed some more. This was by far one of my favorite session and its not even because of the people in the photos… although I really do love them lots.

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