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How to Choose a Location for Family Photos

Choosing a location for your family photos seems like such an overwhelming decision BUUUUUUUT (and that is a big butt) its really actually quite simple. You can spend all day searching for a good family photo location. You will probably find plenty of nice locations, cause there are a lot of them. That is why it can feel so overwhelming trying to decide what is right for your family session.

When I lived in Hawaii I was often hired by families that were visiting the island for the first time for these types of clients I was generally in charge of choosing a location and I USUALLY would pick on that was close to where they were staying or a location that I thought would be best. When it came to families that were already living on island I would always ask them where their favorite beach was, or what they liked to do as a family….. cause really the scenery doesn’t matter that much (lets be honest its pretty…. but does it matter) if it doesn’t mean anything to you.

Now that I am in Colorado I am surrounded by beautiful scenery. I’m sure there are families visiting the area that will need families photos. In those circumstances I would probably suggest the  location for family photos.  For the families that are living in the area or visit often, choosing a location is a team effort. Sure, I have some suggestions but this is a team effort.

Don’t get me wrong. I am ALLLLLLLLLL about a beautiful beach or a gorgeous mountain lake. Really, truly, I do.

How to choose the best location for lifestyle family session KC Lostetter Photography Lifestyle Film Photographer

So where should we go, KC?

Well my friend, that is where you come in. I really do want you to think about what you do as a family. Where do you like to explore? How do you spend your weekends. What places come to mind when you think about your family really connecting. Is it in your home? Maybe that lake that you visit every year? Or your favorite family hike or mountain biking trail? What about your go-to beach or top-secret fishing spot? These are the places that matter. The ones dripping in memories and oozing with stories. The places that you and your kids will look back on in 20+ years and say “remember when we use to…..”

Sure we can go find a random spot outdoors and take some really nice photos of your family, but lets make photos together that truly MEAN something. Surrounded by the people that you love, hanging out in a place that speaks to your family and who you guys truly are.

How to choose the best location for lifestyle family session KC Lostetter Photography Lifestyle Film Photographer

Are you ready to set up your family session with me?

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