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Groves Ohana

Annie and JD are dear friends of mine and their daughters are practically nieces. Living in Hawaii and being so far away from family, you quickly learn to build your own Hawaiian Ohana. They would be it.

Annie and I have talked and brainstormed over this session for a while. With baby number four on the way she really wanted to capture the girls’ excitement. Her description to me was  “color, lots of snuggles, then suits and playing in the water.”  I was immediately stoked and on board!

Leaving the house I purposely left my digital behind. This would be my first ALL FILM family session. I sent off the film the next day and waited not so patiently for the scans to come back. When I finally got that email from the lab I was blown away! Film is now my new love. This could be the start of a new era for my photography journey. I am so excited to start book more Film sessions for 2016!


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