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Kershaw Family | Monument Colorado Family Film Photographer

It is that crazy busy fall season where EVERYONE is looking to squeeze in their family photography sessions and get their Christmas Cards ordered and sent out.  Fall has always been the busiest time of year for me with photography and this fall was no different. I absolutely adore the families that I get to capture and love when they give me creative freedom. When a family can come to me and trust me as an artist it makes my heart so happy and the results are so amazing.

For this session we met up at Dirty Woman Park in Monument Colorado on a sunny Colorado fall morning (300 days of sunshine people). The leaves had changed colors and the sun was peeking through just right to make for a really magical session. Their love for one another is so obvious and their ease in front of the camera made for a fun session. We laughed, we played, they ran, I watched, the girls climbed the trees, and walked the fence line.  As a film photographer I love that I am forced to slow down. I know, everyone says it, but its true. Each time I stop to load film gives the kids a break. It allows me to look around, observe the family I am working with, and really think about my next move. Photography is not about hitting the shutter a hundred billion times and hoping that at least a few images come out. Its about observation. Its about really SEEING the people I am capturing. Watching how they move and interact and creating moments for those things to unfold naturally. My hope is that my families see themselves (their true selves) in their photographs. That they will cherish them for years to come. That they can carve out an hour of time for me to hit the pause button for them. Cause time is moving and kids are growing and you will never get these years back. So take the time. Hire a photographer. PRINT the photos (PLEASE don’t let them die on your hard drive). I promise you won’t regret it 10-15-20 years from now.

Ready to get your family in front of my camera?

I am taking families in Monument, Colorado Springs and Denver areas.

I also have travel to the Pittsburgh area in December, Hawaii in February, and Montana in the Spring.

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