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2016 Day in the Life | May

May… May… May…. What happened in May. Gosh. June has been crazy busy, resulting in me not blogging May on time. SORRY! May’s Day in the life was shot a couple of days after the 24th. This was because of some weird scheduling and, honestly, I forgot to shoot. This was a rare weekday that Josh had the day off, sort of.  He was leaving for a trip for work that afternoon. This is a common occurrence in our lives and will continue to be true. Keelin, Kimo and I are pretty good at holding down the fort while he is away. Not to mention he usually isn’t gone for very long. #PTL.  We had a lazy morning full of snuggles, went out for breakfast, a little play time at home, said our goodbyes, nap time for Keelin (and maybe me), then some dinner, a bath, and bed. I know to some these little mundane, day-to-day things may be boring. Honestly, for me sometimes I feel like we do the same thing on repeat. But, I know, someday I will look back on these and be so glad I remember those messy eating days, the smile from the crib, and the little hand reaching for everything.

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