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March 24th,  On Keelin’s 3-month mark (and what should have or could have qualified for Day in the Life), Josh and I woke before the sun and headed to the airport. We left Keelin home with Gram for the day with an abundance of breast milk.  We took our day packs (mine with a camera, light meter, film and a breast pump) and island hopped to Molokai. We landed as the sunrise was turning the sky pinkish orange and vog settled into the valleys. We jumped in a taxi, stopped for breakfast with the locals, and rolled up to the beginning of our Mule ride. Foolishly I asked if the shutter of my camera would spook the mules. Down 26 switchbacks we descended into Kalaupapa. We spent the day learning about the history of the settlements in Kalaupapa and Kalawao and the life work of Father Damien and Mother Marianne. A day is not enough and I would love the opportunity to return. After riding the mules back up those 26 switchbacks we took the “taxi” (I use the term loosely) into town. A short exploration of Topside Molokai and we were headed back to Oahu, where Keelin was waiting for her final feeding before bed.



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