montana 22


I was born and raised in Montana. I moved away right after high school and moved around since, but Montana will always be home for me. As kids we spent weekends up at our cabin and one of my favorite things when we visit home is to hide out in the woods for a few days. This tiny log cabin with one room and a loft; no electricity or plumbing housed my family of 6 comfortably…. or cozy…. it was cozy.  A fire in the wood stove, fire in the outdoor pit, oil lanterns for light at night, the sound of a creek to fall asleep to. This little cabin is such a staple in my childhood memories. Within the last ten years my parents decided to chase their dream of building a large “warehouse” inspired lodge down on the lower lot closer to the river. This has been a new project and gathering place for my family and friends. This June, Josh, Keelin, and I made our way home and up to the mountains for some quality time with everyone. While in Montana I took time to capture our little cabin and time at the lodge as well as Keelin meeting family. Here are some of the highlights.

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