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Shewey Ohana

Alexa and I met in college. We were rival pole vaulters, competing against each other regularly as her school was 9 miles away, just across the state boarder. I was ALWAYS taken by her beauty and her genuine smile. After college we became close friends as we joined forces on mission with Campus Crusade in Costa Rica. After spending 5 weeks with her and 16 other college students we were permanently linked as sister in Christ and life-long friends.

Alexa met Paris in college. A baseball player with a big smile, the friendliest personality and funniest sense of humor. Because Alexa has family in Hawaii they travel out here frequently. It has been so fun to catch up with them each time they visit. The last time I saw Alexa, we both surprised each other with the announcement of our pregnancies. We were due days apart from each other. It has been amazing to watch her become a mother and see their Christ centered marriage raise up a beautiful little boy. I was beyond excited when she asked me to take some family photos for them. Their smiles, their love, their genuine happiness isn’t something I can create. That is all them. I just got to step back and capture their beautiful family.


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