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5 Reasons to Plan your Family Photography Session for the Spring and Summer in Colorado

Oh spring I see you…. Well I don’t see you. Not yet. I see hints of you. I even saw a robin the other day. My mom used to tell me that was the first sign of spring. Are the trees budding… meh, not yet. There is still a layer of snow out my kitchen window and leaving the house still requires coats, hats and usually boots at this point. So why am I talk about spring. Cause its COMING! It is. Spring will be here before you know it and you know what? Spring and summer are my favorite times of year to shoot, especially in Colorado! I know you probably aren’t dreaming up a family session or motherhood session (or photos at all right now), but let me tell you, there is a reason that wedding season starts in the spring… Hello its gorgeous. So here are a few of my top reason YOU should hire a photographer for a spring session.


Colors! Oh the colors! I mean, clearly I like color. I think we have been over this at least half a dozen times. Let me spell it out for you! Spring means GREEN! It means flowers! It means blue skies (when its not raining). Spring screams color. Think about it, even your clothing choices shift with the season. Suddenly spring hits and we all want to wear color and be surrounded by color. Lets compare that with color throughout the rest of the year, shall we? Not saying other seasons are bad. Just want to think this through. Let’s start with winter. Its outside my window let me tell you what I see. Whitish snow (its more of an off white/brown color right now), green pine trees (ok), Blue ski (hello sunshine, we live in Colorado. Thank goodness), Brown…..brown…. Brown grass….brown sleeping trees… brown dirt….brown. OK we covered spring already lets jump to summer. More green, blue skies, sunshine, tan skin, bright clothes, blonde hair, flowers, later in summer we start to see things dry up a little, the grass may start to turn again. Last one? Oh right Fall. Everyones FAVORITE time to do family photos. I’m still not 100% sure why this is. Its probably the impending Holiday season and pressure to get a holiday card taken care of. Fall is pretty, sure. But not my favorite. Leaves change to yellow and orange, skies might still be blue, but the rest is brown. Have I communicated that brown is not my favorite? Hey I will still do fall photos with you if you really want, but I would prefer to hit the spring and summer colors with you. Just saying.

 Warm bight happy new 

There is this feeling to spring that every thing is new and fresh and happy and I just LOVE everything about that. We are all coming out of the cold excited to be alive and awake and the world is saying the SAME thing! It starts to warm up, days start to get longer, evenings become magical, mornings feel fresh. Why wouldn’t you want to freeze that in time AND hang it on your walls at home. Summer is all fun and excitement and travel and adventure. Its brilliant and worth remembering.

maybe a little tanner little more fit 

Here is the truth. We are a little like bears. We start to come out of that winter hibernation maybe a little paler and less fit but hey spring and summer we are suddenly motivated for all the things. Those extra pounds start to melt away. Your skin gets a little tanner from being out side more. It seems silly, but hey, if you feel more yourself in the spring and summer like me, then lets get you in front of the camera!

can be used year round 

I already touched on this so I won’t go too crazy with it. Getting family photos to hang in your house? Spring looks great in your home. Getting family photos for a Christmas or holiday card? Who says that have to be done in the fall or winter? I’m here to tell you, they don’t. You can absolutely use those spring photos for your holiday card. And For real, spring and summer will look like magic in your house year round.


Plain and simple. Spring and summer are prettier. Thats just my humble opinion.

So what are you waiting for? Spring and summer are right around the corner. Lets get you on the calendar. Contact me HERE today to set up your session!

Spring Summer Photo Session

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  1. These are such great reasons! I think they’re so much better because fall can be so crazy with family activities- less stress = better pictures! 😀

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