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Travel for Spring/Summer 2018 | Colorado Photographer

I did a little sneak peek for travel in 2018 on my Instagram and I gave my newsletter peeps, aka inner circle, first dibs at any open sessions for those specific travel dates (You could get first dibs next time if you join…hint, hint, wink, wink… you know you wanna).

So without making this overly long I will get straight to it. I will only be taking an additional 1-2 sessions for each of these locations and times so you best act fast! Also, If I am not traveling to your area at this time and you want me to come your way, give me some deets and we will make that happen.

Hawaii 3/3-3/11
Montana 3/28-4/2
Texas 4/30-5/4
Montana 6/13-6/18
North Carolina 7/12-7/16

Thats all for now, but other dates may pop up. Stay in the loop or shoot me a message if you want me to come your way. I will let you in on travel dates for the fall when those develop. If you are in Colorado I am booking for spring and summer now!

Can’t wait to get you in front of my lens

Get first dibs….. next time

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