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Walsh Family | Montana Family Photography

This session was special to me for a few reasons but the biggest one was getting a chance to capture my sister and her sweet little family. It is so fun that our daughters are so close in age but what is even more fun is getting to see my sister in a whole new light as a mother.

My big sister has always had a tough exterior. If I happened to see a red VW Bug while we were driving, I would give her a weak tap on the shoulder only to have it returned with a punch in my shoulder that made me regret ever saying the words “slug bug”. Seeing her as a mother to two tough little girls has been so encouraging to me and seeing the softer loving side of my sister is like icing on the cake.

A few weekends ago we took an impromptu trip up to Montana to check out the little town of Philipsburg. This little town has access to a great ski resort, lake for summer activities or ice fishing in the winter, and the cutest little downtown. Some favorite stops downtown include a local brewery but my all time favorite will always be the candy store called The Sweet Palace.  This year my siblings and we pooled our funds together to purchase a house in this perfect little vacation spot. Its the perfect gathering place for us and if others are interested in spending some time there, we have it all set up as a VRBO (check it out here).

We did this shoot at and around the house in Philipsburg. It seems like the perfect place to capture this sweet family and I can’t wait to watch us all grow as we spend more weekends and holidays together.

For my photographer friends this is all Portra 400 on the Pentax 645n, developed at The FIND Lab

I am in Montana frequently and happy to come whenever. Want to book a session with me? Contact me here.

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