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White Ohana

I’m not sure my words or my photos can do this family justice. Sitting down to blog about a family with such impact, with a story of faith and hope, a family so inspiring it is daunting to say the least.

The Whites have been part of our church family out here for some time. Watching them walk through one of the hardest experiences any parent could imagine while upholding and incredible hope for the future and trust in God has left a lasting impression on myself and so many others. Their willingness and faithfulness to share in their experience is a true testament to their love and trust in the Lord.

Annie Groves and I teamed up to photograph this family (see what Annie captured here). The littlest being their Rainbow Baby after the loss of their sweet Asher. Their final days in Hawaii have quickly come to and end as they head to Japan. I know their story will continue to impact those around them and I can’t wait to watch things unfold.

If you are interested in learning more about their story check out Erin’s blog here. I truly encourage you to read deeply into their journey. When I was putting together this blog post I revisited much of it. One thing that hit me hard, and instantly had me sobbing was this quick snippet “But please understand that my life will never be normal again. There will always be this sweet little boy missing from our family pictures. There will always be a part of my heart missing.” Physically yes, he was missing that day, but he is still very much with them in everything that they do and constant reminders from God let them know he is safely home.


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